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Staying Ahead of the Market

It is a terrible feeling to wake up one morning and see that your position has gone against you. Many #exporters and #tradehouses have had good, rational positions on, positions designed to protect themselves, turn into a liability in this volatile #market. Many #roasters have been making good, rational decisions, decisions based on years of experience, and still found themselves in hot water over the last few weeks.

I believe in #coffee and in the #coffeeindustry. We help each other across the supply chain when the chips are down. I've never seen another industry that cares more about the farmer and the consumer than coffee. I want to do my part and offer you something to help as well.

Many of my friends in the coffee industry have written me very nice notes to thank me for my posts and the information that I provide. I'm very happy if I'm of help!

This is the reason that I founded the Coffee Trading Academy. We can't all specialize in all things. You have a business to run: trades to make, customers to please, roasting profiles to make, finances, loans, plantings and warehouse issues.

I specialize in Coffee Market Price Risk.