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Coffee Market Intelligence

Choose a subscription plan for your business and have a coffee market intelligence team working for you 24/7.

Join over 700 subscribers and clients from all over the planet and start receiving our reports today!

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Reports Top

Our high-quality market reports provide you with the most concise, comprehensive (and entertaining!) analysis on coffee fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management, weather forecasts and macro-economic overviews available on the market.


Coffee Beans

Neil Rosser


Bison Luxley

A commodity trader who won't accept the easy answers, but always looking for the fundamentals that are driving the market.


Jon Stefenson

Board Member

National Coffee Association

Ryan has a knack for organizing data and finding correlations in [it]. . .

I’ve always been impressed with the thoroughness of his work.


Daniel Osorio


Hedgepoint Global Markets

Ryan has an incredibly deep knowledge and passion for the coffee markets and is a really fun teacher in classes!

About Us

Coffee Trading Academy.png

We are a company that delivers high quality training and research focused exclusively on the global coffee markets.

Our unique coffee-centric focus enables our team of experienced analysts to specialize exclusively in the market intelligence and training required for your business.

Our clients are companies and professionals from all over the world and a variety of sectors: from traders, roasters, importers, exporters, producers, to speculators, hedge funds, financial service providers and brokers.

The common link that attaches them is the need to know about the coffee market and a willingness to invest in their expertise. This is where we come in!

About Chief Analyst Ryan Delany:

My coffee career began with the rotational training program of one of the world’s top coffee trading companies about 12 years ago.  As a physical trader I lived worked and traded on 3 different continents trading commercial, certified and specialty coffee in dozens of physical markets. 

However, my intellectual curiosity attracted me to the tremendous mental puzzle that is price discovery in the futures and options markets.  I joined our company’s soft commodity hedge fund as the coffee and cocoa analyst trader where I trained with some of the world’s leading coffee and commodity traders and analysts.  I traded my own proprietary book as well where I developed dozens of fundamental and technical strategies.  Heck, some of them were even profitable!

My real passion though is not for coffee markets, but coffee people.  I learned the most about the coffee industry as risk management advisor where I worked with coffee companies all over the world from small farmers and roasters to large multinational trading houses.  I helped all of them develop risk management strategies and market intelligence to fit their needs.

That’s why I can say I know both worlds: the physical world of coffee farms, trading, and biology, to the financial world of price hedging, speculative trading and crop commercialization in the futures, options markets and OTC markets.

My goal is to help people in the coffee supply chain manage price risk through education and information.  My passion is for coffee people.


How to Evaluate if our Reports are for you:

If you are a company or professional from the coffee industry that needs to manage price risk and keep up with market movements and tendencies, then our reports are for you.

You will find value in our services if you fit in these types of businesses:  roasters, traders, importers, exporters, producers, hedgers, and brokers.

It doesn’t matter whether you work for a large company, or if you are a solo trader. We have different plans to meet a variety of needs.

Most importantly, we offer a free 30-day trial on our subscriptions and a money back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with our product you are entitled to a complete refund for that month’s subscription. 

Our Reports:

Weekly Coffee Weather Report covers all the most important origins, such as Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Central America, and Mexico. This report provides you with information on precipitation forecasts and commentaries about the possible impacts and consequences for coffee.


Weekly Market (Risk Management) Report is designed to help you manage your risk exposure by providing a consistent and comprehensive analysis of the most important coffee price drivers.

Every week, you will receive a detailed outlook on the fundamentals, weather, seasonality, positioning, macro-economics, and technicals. This is a very important report as it provides you direct insights about price movement.


Daily Coffee Valuation Score is a very exclusive report, since I’ve never seen any other company offer anything like it. As the name implies, it provides you a daily valuation for coffee that shows you the target price for the day, along with a detailed analysis that justifies the valuation, based on technicals, fundamentals, weather and macro updates.

It is very helpful in case you need to keep up with KC price movements, especially if you need to be able to be informed on the market on a daily basis.


Market Essentials is a FREE alternative to our premium reports.  You won’t receive any analysis, but you will get the highest quality presentations of the key market data points. These include daily certified stock reports, open interest, weekly Commission of Traders, price seasonals, GCA, JCA and EFC stock and a weekly newsletter of coffee market blogposts.


Chief Analyst Conference Call is included in our corporate subscription on a monthly basis to discuss the latest updates in the coffee market and include time for Q&A.


We offer 3 premium plans: professional, small business and corporate.

Based on my years of experience in this market and from our client’s feedback, I can tell you that the investment you make in this market intelligence is a fraction of the costs you will be exposed to if you miss important information.

If your company trades at least 1 futures contract per month, and we save you just 0.25 c/lb. on that future, you have already repaid your subscription.

We aim to offer high quality, efficient and (dare I say) entertaining coffee insights for every budget.  We value your time and your business, and we want you to have a fair price for a good service.


Find below the full details on each subscription plan:



Our clients have our support, and our team is ready to assist with any questions or comments.  Clients can reach us during business hours by phone, email or the chat function of the website.


30 Day Guarantee:

In the coffee business, information is king, and we offer the essential information your company needs.  But don’t just take our word for it!

You can receive our reports and evaluate their quality for yourself, for 30 days (14 days for professional subscriptions), completely free.

Since you are still reading, I can imagine you sense some value to what we are offering.  Why not try us out, and join the rest of our satisfied clients?

Common Questions

How will I receive the reports?

Every recipient will receive all the reports by e-mail.

Each e-mail has a summary of the report in the subject line, and our longer reports contain a summary on the first page to provide you with rapid insight into the contents of that report.


How do I add other recipients to my plan?

You just need to send an e-mail to providing their e-mails and they will also receive the reports. 

Professional subscriptions are permitted 1 recipient, Small Business subscriptions can have up to 10 participants and Corporate subscriptions can have up to 200 participants.


How does the 30-day guarantee work?

Signing to one of our plans with the “Free Trial” option enables you to receive our reports for 30 days without being charged (14 days for professional subscriptions).

To cancel, you just need to send an e-mail to before this period ends.

Any other questions?

Do you have any other questions that this page wasn’t able to answer?

You can contact by email, phone or using the chat function below. It will be a pleasure to talk to you!

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