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The 3 Weather Stories Developing in Coffee

#Weather is one of the inherent drivers in coffee market volatility and right now there are 3 developing stories that all #coffeetraders need to keep a sharp eye on.

These are the persistent wetness in #Colombia, the wet harvest in #Vietnam and the sustaining of the wet season in #Brazil.

In this article I will provide some background on evaluating weather in the #coffeemarket, outline what is happening in these three key origins and then make some #forecasts about what to expect.


To understand the impact of weather on #coffee, you have to understand the biology of the tree. The coffee tree has 3 primary phases that we are dealing with: the #Blooming Phase, the #CherryGrowth Phase and the #Harvest Phase.

These phases occur at different times of year depending on their location with Northern Hemisphere crops Harvesting around October and Southern Hemisphere crops harvesting around April.