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Podcast Launched

Ladies and gentlemen, the Coffee Trading Academy Podcast podcast is launched! Today we have a particularly timely episode with a focus on #CoffeeWeather (#Brazil and more).

We kick off our first episode with a fantastic guest, the one and only David Streit, COO and founding member of #Commodity #Weather Group.

David has been a commodity meteorologist for 40 years, in this wide ranging interview we cover the specifics of what's happening right now in the key coffee origins, but also general weather insights that any #coffee analyst or #trader needs to know.

We cover the Brazil #frosts, how that unfolded and what the impact is, we cover the Brazil #droughts and what the issue is with the upcoming rains, we cover the weather in #Vietnam and the outlook for the crop there, the Indian #monsoons and #Colombia. This is truly a #coffeemarket geek's dream and I am sure that you will enjoy it as much as I did!

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