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Coffee Report Focus #1: Seasonals

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

In my quest to offer you the best information and resources available on the coffee market, I will be doing doing a series of posts about the various #reports that we use to understand and predict the futures markets. For this first post, we are going to talk about #seasonals.

Seasonals are one of the most useful reports that we can look at in the #coffeemarket because they follow a logic, and they are directly relevant to price, but they do have their limitations. Let's go through what a seasonal is and how it works, and then we will come to what it means and how to use it.

A "seasonal" can refer to any type of chart with the data overlaid one year over the other. This allows us to see how the current year compares to previous years. and is particularly useful in analysis if the underlying data has a standard behavior according to the year.

GCA Stocks Seasonal

#GCA #stocks for example, follow a seasonal pattern based on the flow of #imports into the USA primarily driven by the harvest periods of its key coffee #export partner