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How I Teach Coffee Trading

On January 24th, I will be teaching my first “Coffee Trader’s Course” of the new year and I wanted to share a little bit about my philosophy for trading coffee and how I go about teaching. My intention is to share some tips that will be useful to you right now in your coffee trading career, and also to give you some insight into what we will be covering in the course.

In this article, I will start with my number 1 most important skill, give an overview of the foundational skills that I cover in my course, and conclude with some thoughts on price risk management.

My starting point for every course, and the number 1 most important thing that I teach is a little bit controversial.

In fact, when I showed this to a business savvy, (non-trading) family member they recommended that I not advertise this. “Its too touchy feely,” he said. “Talk about profits.” However, all of the successful traders that I know, agreed that this was definitely the proper starting point.