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8 Frequently Asked Questions on the Coffee Trader’s Course

The Coffee Trader’s Course is one of our popular offerings here in the Coffee Trading Academy next to our premium Coffee Market Analysis Reports. While you may know that this course offers in-depth training and education into the core concepts of trading coffee and managing market coffee price risk you may still have additional questions on the course.

We have compiled some of the most frequently received questions about the Course from curious coffee ninjas around the world, and in this blog, we will provide you with answers, insight, and maybe a dad joke or two!

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1. Who is the Coffee Trader’s Course for?

If you manage price risk directly as a physical trader, speculator, roaster, producer or financial services provider, then this course is most definitely for you!

Others who benefit from this course include those who oversee or audit price risk management, manage coffee logistics or quality control, and those who are in ancillary fields (like accounting or legal) at a major coffee company. Journalists and those who just want to understand risk management in the coffee industry or other commodity markets also find value in this course.

So to recap, we receive many students of various levels who are managers or management trainees in Physical Trade, Exporters, Producers/Farmer, Coffee Roasting/Retail Companies, Speculators, Analysts, Portfolio Managers, and Risk Managers and they learn important skills in this course for their craft.

If you are still unsure if the course is for you and want to consult with us on whether you would be the ideal candidate, you can send us an email at

2. What skill level do have to be to take the course?

The course is designed to serve a range of skill levels, providing first looks at complex topics for newer students, and in-depth understanding for more experienced students. Each day in the course is designed to build on the previous, so more experienced students may find that some of the material in the beginning of the course is review for them, and while some newer students may find the content in the later days to be complex. However, as the class size is small, Ryan tailors the content to the individual students and provides more or less detail and complexity depending on the needs of the class.

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3. What is covered in the Coffee Trader’s Course?

Five core topics are covered in the Coffee Trader’s Course and you should expect to acquire skills related to position trading, Essential Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis of coffee, OTC products, Price Risk Management, Hedging Methodology, and cringey-jokes.

Core Course Topics include:-

· Commodity Markets

· Coffee Fundamentals

· Technical Analysis

· Derivatives as Building Blocks

· Price Risk Planning

what the Coffee Trader's Course does NOT cover:-

· Doesn't cover the legal process of physical/futures trading

· Doesn't cover legal process of exporting/importing coffee

· Doesn't cover agricultural / farming practices

· Doesn't cover shipping / logistics accounting / legal part

· Doesn't focus / go deep into the specialty industry

· Also doesn't cover sensory analysis

4. How is the Coffee Trader’s Course conducted?

The 5-day course is conducted online for 6 hours a day and includes 15 lecture modules delivered live with COFFEE TRADING ACADEMY’s charming Founder and Chief Analyst, Ryan Delany. The course has limited seats available and only takes 10 students in each class.

5. Are customized Coffee Trader’s Courses offered for companies that want to train their employees?

Yes, Coffee Trading Academy also organizes tailored courses for coffee companies looking to train their employees. Ryan is available by the day to conduct a customized training course for your company. Please contact us for a quote. If you would like to request a meeting to discuss the benefits of our training program for your employees, please contact us at the email below

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6. What if I miss a few lectures, am I still able to continue the Coffee Trader’s Course and become certified?

All the course lectures are recorded and are available to view for up to 6 months following the end of the course. This is also useful if you want to relive some of the amazing jokes. If you are unable to attend a lecture or two, or if you just want to review the material, you can catch up on the lesson from the recorded lectures.

7. Is the course offered in any language other than English?

No, the course is not available in any other languages yet but students in the course have the option to use the built-in Zoom Translate feature.

8. How much does it cost? Any discounts 😉 available?

The Coffee Trader’s Course Fee is $5000 USD, but there are discounts available for subscribers and for multiple students.

Visit our website to download the course brochure to learn more about the course or reach out to us with any additional questions.

If these questions have gotten your coffee ninja fires burning and you are ready to begin the journey coffee market mastery with us, register for our next course here. We can’t wait to see you!

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