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How Bearish are the GCA stocks?

The latest GCA stock report and came in well above expectations and a lot of pundits (including myself) were surprised. I have been holding off on commenting too deeply on the stocks because I wanted to give some time to reflect. Now that I have taken time to talk to people and do some research, I wanted to offer a view: the higher than expected GCA stocks are more bearish than lower stocks, but not as bearish as I initially expected.

I won't keep you in suspense, essentially I believe that the GCA paints an incomplete picture of what's going on right now because of unusual supply chain times and the limitations of what the data shows, also I think the month on month focus is overstated vs the year on year.

I'll go into this in more detail, but here is a brief outline of what I will cover: 1) what was expected in this report and why,

2) why it is bearish

3) w