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*#Coffee #Demand: The Results Are In!*

The results of last week's poll are in and the people have spoken: DEMAND is GOOD...or at least, better than expected.

In the wake of the #GCA #stock results, that surprised to the upside, many were saying that demand was poor. To try and gauge the community I polled friends and colleagues in the industry.

Respondents were asked how #Coffee #Demand was in Q3 (Jul -Sep), while a majority of respondents replied somewhere in the middle (about 60% were evenly split between a "little better" or a "little worse"), by a factor of 1.5 the "Much better"s beat out the "Much worse"s.

Granted, my Twitter and LinkedIn #polls are not scientific (and some respondents may have been "talking their book"), I think this provides some food for thought for those who thought that demand was poor.

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