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Market Research 

Choose a subscription plan and commodity for your business and have a market research team working for you 24/7.

Contact us for information on pricing or for a free trial.

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Bonze Plan

Professional Commodity Market Reports

Premium commodity market analysis for every budget.


Coffee Trader's Course

An energetic and comprehensive five day online course that teaches the core concepts of trading coffee and managing market risk from coffee biology to complex derivatives. ​


This exciting course is delivered via lectures conducted over zoom with supplemental videos, quizzes and interactive exercises.


You've never seen coffee like this!

Make Better Trades.

Support Independent Research.

Be the Client, not the Product.

Don't just take our word for it:

Coffee Beans

Neil Rosser


Bison Luxley

A commodity trader who won't accept the easy answers, but always looking for the fundamentals that are driving the market.


Jon Stefenson

Board Member

National Coffee Association

Ryan has a knack for organizing data and finding correlations in [it]. . .

I’ve always been impressed with the thoroughness of his work.


Daniel Osorio


Hedgepoint Global Markets

Ryan has an incredibly deep knowledge and passion for the coffee markets and is a really fun teacher in classes!


Our Core Values


If there is one thing that trading taught me it is that everything begins and ends with your integrity.  My commitment is to always behave in a way that is consistent with my values.


Every day that I generate content I ask myself, "how can I add value to the conversation?"  This means generating unique, relevant viewpoints based on rigorous methodology, objective data and applied expertise. 


 I'm a dad.  Dad jokes are a part of who I am.  Surprisingly, Dad Jokes are not always funny, but I do always try to be a positive influence on the people around me.


Meet Ryan Delany

Ryan's experience in managing risk began in the US Marine Corps in 1999, as a Designated Marksmen in Afganistan.  Back then, crunching on instant coffee in the field was just a way of delivering caffeine!

It wasn't until after Ryan graduated from Harvard College with the aid of the GI Bill that he discovered his passion for coffee.

Guided by many wonderful friends and mentors in the coffee industry.  Ryan has amassed a lifetime of experience in the coffee world working with top-tier trade houses ECOM and EDF Man.

His professional experience spans hedge funds and prop desks, trading commercial and specialty coffees, advising global producers and roasters on hedging strategy and teaching courses from the basic to the most complex derivatives.

A teacher at heart, Ryan is on a mission to bring his passion for the coffee markets to everyone: from Roasters and Producers to Professional Traders.

Make Better Trades.

Support Independent Research.

Be the Client, not the Product.

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